Q: How do ACHs align with Regional Service Areas?

A: ACHs will consider the specific needs within their regional service areas (RSAs) and communities. Health system transformation depends upon coordination and integration at the delivery system level with community services, social services, and public health. This can happen if ACHs build the necessary linkages and supportive environments to address the needs of the whole person, both physically and mentally. This strategy, along with the shift toward fully integrated purchasing, will be greatly enhanced by the alignment of ACHs and RSAs.

Q: What are the goals of the ACHs?

A: 1) To promote health equity across the state. 2) To address issues that affect health through local health improvement plans. 3) To support local and statewide initiatives such as practice transformation, value-based purchasing, and the alignment of performance measures. 4) To better align resources and activities that improve whole person health and wellness.

Q: What is an ACH?

A: Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) bring together leaders from multiple health sectors around the state with a common interest in improving health and health equity. There are nine ACHs that cover the entire state of Washington, with the boundaries of each aligned with the state’s Medicaid Regional Service Areas.

Q: Where do we get our funding?

A: Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health is funded by the Health Care Authority and CMS (the US federal agency which administers Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program) as well as by community stakeholders.

Q: Which parts of Washington State do we serve?

A: We include Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat counties, as well as the Tribal Nation of Cowlitz.